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EARDC’s Aquatic Science Adventure Camp COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 safety protocols may be modified based on updated and current Texas State University and CDC guidelines.


  • All programs are limited to 10 campers.
  • Check-in and check-out of campers will take place at guardian’s vehicle.
  • Daily health and temperature screenings for campers.
  • Campers will wear masks inside and outside when 6ft of distance cannot be maintained.
    • Masks will not be worn during water recreation activities or during lunch.
    • Campers will bring their own masks.
  • Campers will be asked to wash or sanitize their hands when they arrive to camp, before and after eating, after using the restroom, and after activities where there is shared equipment.
  • Campers will need to bring their own sack lunch, along with a water bottle, and any snacks they might need throughout the day. Camp will not be providing food.
  • If a camper is experiencing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or has been in close contact with a COVID positive individual they will not attend camp.

 COVID Procedures:

  1. Safety Protocols
    1. Personal Protective Equipment
      1. Staff and campers will be trained on how to properly wear face masks. Campers are expected to supply their own facemasks, but the ASAC will also have small-sized disposable masks available.
      2. Staff:
        1. Staff members are required to wear approved face masks while they are indoors at camp (may remove masks for eating). Masks must be worn outdoors if a 6ft distance cannot be maintained between individuals. During water activities staff will remove masks.
      3. Campers:
        1. All campers are required to wear face masks while inside any building (may remove masks for eating). Masks must be worn outdoors if a 6ft distance cannot be maintained between individuals. During water activities campers will remove masks.
    2. Spacing and Movement
      1. All activities will take place at the Freeman Aquatic Building (FAB) or within walking distance. There will be no group travel in vehicles.
      2. A majority of the day’s activities will take place outdoors where physical distancing is possible.
      1. Our day camp groups will not mix with other individuals on campus.
      2. Lunch: weather permitting, lunch will be eaten outside. When it is too hot campers will eat in the classroom distanced at least 6ft from one another.
    1. Hygiene
      1. Staff and campers will be trained on proper handwashing techniques and safe use of hand sanitizer when they arrive to camp.
      2. The EARDC will make hand sanitizer available throughout the camp.
      3. Campers will be asked to wash hands or sanitize when they arrive, before and after eating, after using the restroom, and after activities where there is shared equipment.
    2. Cleaning
      1. The Freeman Aquatic Building is cleaned by University staff following Texas State University standards.
      2. All equipment used during the day by camp staff and participants will be sanitized before being used again.
    3. Monitoring for COVID-19
      1. Screening staff
        1. All staff will be required to complete a daily health appraisal form (includes temperature check) before being allowed to stay onsite for work. Any positive answers on the health appraisal or a temperature of 100.4 degrees or more and staff will be sent home immediately.
        2. Staff will self-monitor their health throughout the day, if symptoms emerge, staff will leave site immediately.
        3. Staff will report contact with any positive COVID-19 individuals to EARDC Director.
        4. A staff member may return to work based on CDC guidelines concerning quarantine and isolation. See CDC website for current recommendations.
      2. Screening Campers
        1. Campers will pre-screen with the assistance of parent/guardian. They will self-monitor for 7 days before camp including:
          1. Take their temperature.
          2. Self-screen using the Texas State University’s health assessment protocol.
          3. Assess whether they have been exposed to any symptomatic or COVID positive individuals over the last 14 days.
          4. If experiencing any symptoms before camp they will stay home and refunds will be provided.
        1. Camper Health Screen upon arrival
          1. Temperature will be taken upon check-in, campers will be asked to leave if they have a temperature of 100.4 or above.
          2. Campers will complete the daily health screen before their parent/guardian is allowed to leave for the day.
          3. Campers are asked to self-monitor and report the onset of any of those symptoms throughout the day.
      1. Camper entry denial or attendance removal
        1. It is at the discretion of the EARDC to refuse admittance to campers or to call for a camper to leave camp early.
        2. If it is found that a camper or a member of a camper’s household have had recent symptoms or contact with a suspected COVID-19 case they will not be allowed to attend camp.
        3. Parents/guardians must be able to pick up their camper from camp within 1 hour of being notified.
    1. Symptomatic Individuals
      1. If symptomatic individual is a staff member, they will leave camp immediately and go home.
      2. If symptomatic individual is an underage camper, they will be isolated in a designated location away from other campers and their parents/guardians will be called to pick them up within 1 hour.
      3. Reports to campus health center will be made and contact tracing will start.
      4. Start contact tracing - individuals that were in close contact (as defined by CDC) with the symptomatic individual will be sent home as well.
      5. Areas occupied by a symptomatic individual will be closed to campers and staff until thorough cleaning has occurred.
      6. Emergency medical treatment will be pursued if the individual has trouble breathing, pain or pressure in the chest, altered mental state, inability to stay awake, or blue lips or face.
    2. Closing Camp
      1. If an individual(s) become symptomatic while at camp, the EARDC along with the University Health Center will be the ones to decide whether camp will be cancelled or not.
      2. If staff contract COVID-19, camp dates might be cancelled to ensure safety of participants. Staff that have tested positive will not return to work for 10-days after symptoms appeared and not until receiving a negative covid test and with at least 24 hours without fever.
  1. Communication and Training
    1. The COVID protocols will be make available to all participating campers and families, it will be posted on our website, sent in the camp welcome email, and in staff training manuals.
    2. Camp staff will be trained on proper cleaning procedures for equipment.
    3. Camp staff will contact guardians of campers if a COVID-19 risk is discovered.
  1. Attending Aquatic Science Adventure Day Camp
    1. Before Camp
      1. For the 7 days before the camp program, campers are encouraged to complete a self-reported health screen each day. If experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, they will not attend camp less than 10 days after onset of COVID-19 symptoms, without a negative COVID-19 test, and only after >24 hours without fever.
      2. Registration paperwork, including a COVID-19 waiver will need to be turned in ahead of time or at check-in. Must be completed by a parent or guardian.
    2. During Camp
      1. Camper Compliance
        1. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the EARDC expects all campers to follow the guidelines and procedures concerning health and safety measures put forth by Texas State University and the EARDC.
      2. Check-in
        1. When arriving at the FAB or Meadows Center to check-in, an ASAC staff member will approach your vehicle to collect paperwork and do a health screening of your camper.
        2. Please stay in your vehicle for drop off.
      3. Physical Distancing
        1. Campers will maintain a distance of 6ft between themselves and others.
          1. When distance cannot be maintained, masks will be worn.
        2. EARDC will utilize pods of 10 campers to keep interactions low.
      4. Activities
        1. Campers may remove their masks during outdoor activities where 6 ft of distance can be maintained.
        2. Campers and staff will remove masks for activities taking place in the water.
          1. Campers will still practice physical distancing during water recreation activities.
          2. Water activities have been planned to avoid close- contact, i.e. paddle boarding instead of rafting.
        3. Equipment used during activities will be sanitized in between groups.
      1. Lunch
        1. Masks may be removed during meal times.
        2. Weather permitting, campers will eat lunch outside, distanced from one another.
        3. When weather doesn’t permit outdoor eating, campers will be spaced a minimum of 6ft apart in the classroom.
        1. Sharing food is not allowed at camp.
      1. Check-out/Pick-up
        1. Pick-up will occur outside the FAB.
        2. Parents/ guardians will remain in their vehicles during pickup.