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Camp Information & Policies

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  • Send mail to:

    Camper’s Name

    c/o EARDC Aquatic Adventure Camp

    601 Univeristy Dr.

    (248 FAB)

    San Marcos, Tx  78666-4684

    Campers who wish to send mail should give it to the camp director to be mailed.  Note: Mail sent to all university departments is first routed through Texas State University Mail Services.  All packages sent through United Parcel Service or Federal Express are delivered to Texas State University Central Receiving before being delivered to EARDC.  Please allow extra time (2-3 days) for delivery, even if requesting next day delivery.

  • There is a mandatory $150.00 cancellation fee for overnight sessions and a $100 for the day camp sessions if cancellation is made at least 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the session. Otherwise, the entire deposit is forfeited. Once the camp session has started, refunds will not be given in the event a camper is withdrawn due to homesickness, discipline or other reasons. EARDC reserves the right to cancel any session which does not have a minimum of fifteen (15) participants registered 3 weeks before the session start date.

  • Each camper must bring all completed consent and release forms and medical history form (these can be sent ahead of time, but may be turned in at check-in).  Campers should also sign and return the camper behavior contract included in the registration packet.

  • We take safety very seriously and all activities will be facilitated by experienced and appropriately licensed staff with certifications in First-Aid and AED/CPR.  All swimming/aquatic activities are supervised by certified lifeguards.  Campers are under counselor supervision at all times.  Our staff have all been background and reference checked and are required by the State of Texas to take the Safe Camps child abuse prevention training.

    san marcos river

  • Each participant will be required to take a simple swim test upon arrival.   Due to the nature of the camp, the ability to swim and tread water is mandatory for all campers.  Campers who are poor swimmers will be required to wear a life jacket during any swimming activities, or be required to sit out the activity, depending on the nature of the activity.  The swim test consists of being able to swim 20 yards in a flowing river without stopping or touching the bottom.  It is required that all campers wear life jackets during the raft trip.  Lifeguards will administer the swim test and be present for all swimming activities. rafting san marcos

  • Although the level of physical activity at the camp is not excessively challenging for a healthy child, several of the camp activities do require a considerable amount of walking.  We suggest that students who are enrolled in the camp be accustomed to at least a moderate level of physical activity.

  • Campers will be expected to participate in all camp activities.  Although it may be possible to opt out of swimming and/or scuba activities by sitting out at poolside, we are not able to provide alternate activities for campers who do not desire to participate in tubing, river rafting or cave tours.  The ropes challenge course/climbing wall is adjusted by the facilitator to cater to each individual’s comfort level.  No camper will be required to participate beyond their comfort level. 

    aquatic camp rafting               

  • Central Texas summers are hot and humid, so warm weather clothing will be appropriate for most occasions.  Casual clothes and sportswear, such as shorts, “athletic fit” swim suits, cut–offs, tennis shoes, water shoes and sandals w/back strap are recommended.  There will be many water activities and wearing shoes or quality strap-on sandals (Chacos, Tevas, Keens, etc.) for tubing, rafting, sampling, etc., is much easier and safer on the feet. Flip–flops are fine for wearing around camp or to the showers but are not sufficient for outdoor activities.  Several of the activities require extensive walking, so a good pair of rubber-soled walking shoes or light hiking boots is essential.  A hat is recommended for outdoor activities.  A sports strap to secure eyeglasses is strongly recommended to prevent their loss in the water while tubing or rafting.  A sweatshirt or sweater is recommended for air–conditioned buildings (which can sometimes be quite chilly in the mornings!). You can never tell when it will rain during the summer so rainwear (such as a disposable poncho) may come in handy.

  • Tentative meal times are: 

    • Breakfast:    8:00 - 9:00
    • Lunch:       12:00 - 1:00
    • Dinner:        6:00 - 7:00

    Most meals will be served in the on-campus dining halls.  Dining hall meals are buffet-style and feature a variety of healthy and delicious food.  Picnic meals will consist of sandwiches, tacos, or other similar meals.  We take food safety very seriously so please let us know if your child has any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

    aquatic camp san marcos tx meal

  • Linen services are not provided, however the dorms do have laundry rooms that are available for campers to use.  Campers need to bring linens (twin size), pillow, blanket, bath towels and a swimming towel.  Campers are asked to bring enough clothes for a full week.  A sleeping bag may be used instead of linens if desired.  Campers may also want to bring ear plugs if they are light sleepers.

  • Campers should bring enough spending money for snacks, souvenirs and occasional recreational activity (no more than $50 please).   Campers are expected to be responsible for keeping their own spending money while at camp. It is encouraged that each student bring a small lockable box (which should not be left out in plain sight) to store money.

  • Although we discourage cell phone use, campers will be allowed to make calls using their own cellular phone during the evenings, campers are discouraged from bringing cell phones with them during the day.  All camp staff carry cell phones always in case of emergency. An emergency number will be provided to you at camp check-in.  For non-emergencies, call the EARDC front office at (512) 245-2329 to leave messages.  Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The Texas State University Police Department number is (512) 245-2805.

  • Campers are allowed to have cell phones at camp, however we do not allow campers to use them during camp activities except to take pictures. Campers are free to use phones or tablets during evening leisure time or in their rooms. Because of the high probability of phones getting wet, dropped, or lost, we encourage campers to keep phones stored safely away in backpacks or in the dorm during the day. The Aquatic Science Adventure Camp takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items.

  • Campers should bring soap and shampoo, hangers, beach towel and an alarm clock.  BRING OLD SHOES FOR THE RIVERS, PLENTY OF SUN SCREEN AND A HAT!

  • Campers might want to bring such items as an inexpensive camera, frisbee, board games, playing cards, puzzles or word games (for leisure time). Equipment for all scheduled activities will be provided for each participant however campers are welcome to bring their own snorkel mask, headlamp, etc. Bringing expensive electronic equipment, iPods, digital cameras or other valuables/ collectibles is strongly discouraged due to potential for loss, theft or damage.

  • Spark–producing, flame–producing, or loud noise–producing devices, water guns, water balloons, personal TV sets, videos/DVDs, DVD players, gaming consoles, musical instruments, skateboards, roller-blades, etc. are not permitted at the camp.

  • Campers will be closely supervised at all times by the camp directors, teachers and counselors.  The teachers and counselors will live in the dorms with the campers, and will help supervise recreational activities and evening activities.  Teachers and counselors will be assigned a separate room.

  • A schedule of activities will be given to each camper, campers are responsible for readying themselves for each day’s activities and ensuring they have the appropriate clothing and equipment for the day. Minor schedule changes may be necessary due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances

  • Campers are expected to follow campus rules and regulations, to respect university property and facilities and to respect the persons, dignity and property of other campers. Parents/guardians will be billed for any damages caused by their children. Campers will be expected to participate in all scheduled class and recreational activities and to conform to acceptable rules of conduct. Failure to do so may result in the camper being expelled from the camp. Campers who violate the rules outlined in the behavior contract or fail to follow staff instructions will be given a verbal warning. On the second infraction, parents will be notified. If a third incident occurs, parents will be asked to come get their camper. This is for the safety of all campers and staff. Due to the nature of many of the activities at the camp, failure to comply with staff instructions could result in serious danger to campers or others.

  • Overnight Camp check-in is Sunday afternoon at a residence hall on the main Texas State campus. Check-in for day camp sessions is from 7:45-8:15 at Spring Lake Hall. Check-in instructions and driving directions will be emailed out 2 weeks before the start of each session. Please contact EARDC if you have not received this information before your camp session starts.

  • Overnight Camp pick up is Friday from 4-4:30 p.m. at the Freeman Aquatic Biology Building. Day Camp pick up is from 4:45-5:15 at either Spring Lake Hall or at the Freeman Aquatic Biology Building depending on the day. Detailed instructions for pick up and drop off will be emailed out 2 weeks before the start of camp. We are aware of the traffic nightmare that often exists on I35 so please allow extra time for traffic and if you are running late for pick up please call us as soon as possible so arrangements can be made for a later pick up!

  • Campers will be responsible for ensuring their room and surrounding area are clean upon check-out of the dorm.  A cleaning fee will be charged to campers if their assigned areas are not properly cleaned at check–out.  Any damage caused by campers to University facilities including dorms, classrooms, equipment, or vehicles will be charged to campers.  Any lost keys will be charged to campers (fee $40).