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Edwards Aquifer Research & Data Center (EARDC)

Director of EARDC
Dr. Benjamin Schwartz, Director of EARDC

The EARDC Laboratory is a National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) certified lab and research center found within the College of Science & Engineering. EARDC was established in 1979 with special funding for Texas State University to provide a public service in the study, understanding and use of the very fragile natural resource, the Edwards Aquifer. 

EARDC takes an active role in water education issues and works daily with public schools as well as institutions of higher education.  The EARDC Laboratory has been providing water analysis services since 1979. Samples are analyzed from wells, springs, rivers, municipalities, and wastewater treatment facilities for a variety of chemical and biological constituents.

The Edwards Aquifer Research & Data Center is organized around four different areas; Data Center, Technical Center, Education Center and Research Center.

Aquatic CampTexas Aquatic Science is a cooperative education project sponsored by Texas Parks and Wildlife, The Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University.

Texas Aquatic Science is a comprehensive aquatic science curriculum, from molecules to ecosystems, and headwaters to ocean, for middle school and high school students. The curriculum consists of an online student textbook, a teacher guide, specially produced videos, and supplementary materials.

Edwards Aquifer & Research Center is a Texas Aquatic Science Certified Field site. We’ve been certified by Texas Parks and Wildlife to provide key Aquatic Science field activities for your students. Field experiences make learning come alive and give students an emotional event to which they can connect their learning. Research shows that this greatly enhances retention. Contact Aaron Swink at 512-245-2329 to schedule a visit.

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aquatic adventure camp

aquatic adventure camp     aquatic adventure camp

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