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EARDC Aquatic Science Adventure Camp

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camp rafting

Wet n Wild Camp Adventures!

aquatic summer camp water chemistry

Water Chemistry Lab

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Scuba fun!

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Camp Fun

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Glass Bottom Boat Adventure!

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Real Science!

The Aquatic Science Adventure Camp is one of the longest-running science summer camps in Texas. Since 1988, the Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center at Texas State University in San Marcos has hosted thousands of campers from across the country to come experience the wonder of discovery and the thrill of adventure! Campers will learn through exploration and hands-on activities related to water and the environment. Our motto is “Real Science, Real Fun!”

We invite you to check out our website to see more about the camp and all the fun and exciting activities we have planned for this year. If you have any questions about the camp or would like to talk more about our program, please call Education Director, Dr. Benjamin Hutchins at 512-245-3541 or email

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Past Comments:

“This is by far my son’s favorite camp! Excellent mix of science and outdoor adventure.”

“My daughter said this was the most awesome camp she has ever been to!”

“Camp was awesome! Braydon loved it! Thank you for making it such a great experience!!!”

“Highly recommended for kids who are interested in science or marine biology. They do an excellent job!”